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Flapper Questions 1. Six characteristics of a Flapper are: A bobbed hair cut (badge of Flapperhood), a powdered nose, must wear fringed skirts with bright-colored sweaters, adore dancing, must spend a large amount of time in automobiles, and finally flappers must attend hops, proms and ball-games. 2. Flappers believe that EVERYONE is responsible for their existence. This everyone includes parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and preachers because everyone fails to help flappers work out their problems. Flappers would like their problems to be worked out constructively with sympathetic thinking and acting. 3. The Great War caused much damage to the Flapper culture. Three effects it had were: it
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Unformatted text preview: tore away the spiritual foundation on which Flapperhood lay, it challenged the Flappers faith, and prevented them from gaining back recognition and equilibrium. 4. According to the Flapper, parents must possess certain characteristics. Some characteristics for the parents are that they must be acquainted with their children. They must be loving, happy and a comrade to their child. They must try to be the idol of the child so that the child can look up to them and try to be as great as they are. Also, sympathetic encouragement and kindly wisdom will help the child learn from their mistakes and inspire them to perform better....
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