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Backup of julie - indv103 paper - INDV103 Environment and...

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INDV103 Environment and Society Written assignment #2 May 2, 2006 Protecting Diversity in New Guinea – Who Should Foot the Bill? There is little scientific debate over the benefits of protecting global rain forests, from the way the forests naturally regulate the Earth's carbon dioxide levels to the vast amount of biodiversity that resides within them. It has become increasingly difficult in recent years, however, for some rain forest countries like New Guinea to maintain their forests. Economic and political pressure force New Guinean lawmakers and production companies to continue cutting down trees and engaging in other potentially damaging practices within the forests. But what if there was a way that this Indonesian island nation could preserve its lush, diverse ecosystems without experiencing heavy financial losses? What if it were possible to reward rather than punish New Guinea for protecting the Earth, its biologically diverse ecosystem, and its people? Some are looking to policies set forth in the Kyoto Protocol for a new solution. It is difficult to compare the value of goods to the value of protecting biodiversity. Papua New Guinea is currently home to the third largest tropical rain forest in the world, but much of it is under threat by hardwood logging and coffee plantation development (Bustillo 2005). One might argue that the solution to this problem is simply to ban coffee production and logging around and in the forest, but enacting such a policy would be economic suicide; New Guinea simply does not produce enough other goods to support themselves financially in the absence of wood and coffee exports. But what the forest
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Backup of julie - indv103 paper - INDV103 Environment and...

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