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Imperialism Pg. 4 A. White man’s burden refers to the idea that white people have the duty to share their technological progress and advanced learning with the rest of the world so that they all can grow together. This reinforces the idea of imperialism because America has the right to extend its helping power to other nations. B. This graph shows how much Imperialism increased after 1910. America began to export much more so that we could contribute to the rest of the world and expand our market to new shores. C. American continents are no longer questionable for future colonization by anyone because we have developed too strong of a nation and will defend our shores at all costs. D. American people are the chosen people that shall lead the regeneration of the world. This relates to A because it represents the white man’s burden in a way. It says that Americans have the duty to help progress the world and imperialize all nations. E. This graphs shows that more and more Americans are becoming interested in global
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Unformatted text preview: news. Many Americans want to become more aware about situations that may potentially involve the United States. F. The United States wants to make known that they will not interfere with any nation that is not deserving of it. However, if needed the United States will act as an international police power to keep good order throughout the world. This shows that America is focusing on imperialism because they want to protect countries in need or boss countries that are acting out of line. G. This quote says that job has trained the Anglo-Saxon race (Americans) to hold the key for the worlds future. It goes on to glorify all aspects of Americans. This relates to the white mans burden which says that Americans have the duty to progress and advance the rest of the world. H. This quote glorifies Imperialism and the idea that America has the duty to keep up with international affairs while keeping nations in line and up to speed....
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