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Management at McCormick - in labor will greater effect the...

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Management at McCormick; Scenario McCormick Reaper Corporation’s sales of the reaper are at an all time high. We are continuing to try and boost sales while also avoiding any more tensions between our management and the employees. A previous strike forced us to hired substitute labor (scabs) to replace striking workers. This strike also attracted the attention of the Tribune, which in turn gave MRC negative publicity. We need to avoid this happening again. Our employees are being paid reasonable for a skilled manufacture, so they should not have any reason to complain. However, if they do so we will need to resort to a compromise because any disruption
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Unformatted text preview: in labor will greater effect the flow of products. Many of our employees have worked for the corporation for a very long time, so we understand that many enjoy this job and would hate to lose it. This can be countered, however, by pointing out that we also need these employees skilled labor. Factors: We require skilled labor Tensions between management and the employees is high due to previous strike We need to avoid disruption in labor because sales are at an all time high...
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