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Report on Manufactures 1. The main point of this report is to state that; in order for the United States to grow, the government will need to step in and aid manufacturing businesses. This will prevent the U.S from relying so much on imports from Europe. 2. According to Hamilton, the factors that allow Europeans to do such a thing are that their costs for labor and capital are so low. 3. a. Agree b. Disagree c. Agree d. Agree e. Agree 4. Two values that Hamilton believes in are: Strong Government=Strong Economy=Strong Nation Agricultural countries will never be powerful 5. A protective tariff will allow infant industries to manufacture more goods for cheaper.
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Unformatted text preview: Groups that would oppose this tariff are European manufacturing companies who would be losing much of their exports to United States companies. 6. The government gets its money from national taxes. The disadvantage of government subsidies is that taxes will be increased. 7. In the second paragraph, Hamilton points out that many European governments have already began to aid their businesses. This is the support he uses because it proves that governments who aid businesses are able to prosper and grow....
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