Sand Creek DB!Q - Massacre at Sand Creek DBQ Doc 1: This...

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Massacre at Sand Creek DBQ Doc 1: This report is not a very reliable source of information because it is basically a summary of various anonymous testimonies. The sources remain unnamed and this report would not only bolster the otherwise crumbling American-Indian relationship, but it would also allow Congress to “help” the Indians by designating them to certain lands to prevent such a massacre from recurring. Doc 2: Colonel Chivington’s report on the war is extremely unreliable because he places the blame on army personnel of lower rank and does not cite a single un-bias source to defend his credibility. He also claims that he placed full confidence in word of mouth from various traders and Major Scott J. Anthony when deciding if he should follow through with his violent plans. Chivington’s primary goal is not to tell a reliable account of the battle, but to more importantly, protect himself from the consequences of his actions and the force of the law if he was found guilty. Doc 3: The accounts of Colley, Connor, and Cramer all claim that Chivington acted against the interest of all parties involved, and is solely to blame for the massacre at Sand Creek. They also point out that many Indians approached the companies in a neutral manner, looking only for shelter, but were shot down nonetheless. All three men go on to state that they fought against the Indians despite their better judgment because Chivington’s rank demanded it. Contrarily, Talbot believes that Chivington is the victim of several personal vendettas. Talbot further more states that the Indians were indeed hostile, to an extent, despite the battle being highly in the favor of the American troops. Talbot’s reasons for supporting Chivington could be due to his low rank as a Captain, thus by supporting the Colonel in such a clutch situation, he could gain more power within the army and build connections with high ranking officials. Inversely, the three other men seem to be more reliable, as they are all of a moderately high rank and have
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Sand Creek DB!Q - Massacre at Sand Creek DBQ Doc 1: This...

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