Summer Revistied - Summer has to offer for everyone....

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Summer REVISITED Words taken from Gloucester: Richard III The glorious summer has finally come around again, With the pleasing sound of a lute in the air. Long school days are now changed to merry meetings of friends; And time, which used to be so slow, Goes by faster than ever before. In order to pass away the time Entertain each other is our main goal. These well-spoken days and dreams Add to the delightful measures that
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Unformatted text preview: Summer has to offer for everyone. Looking at my shadow in the sun Reminds me of the winter of our discontent With the darkness that appears only during winter. However, the pleasures of these days Brings nothing but feelings of victory to my thoughts So Dive, thoughts, down to my soul And remain there so that When winter returns next year I can pull all of my thoughts out To pass away the time....
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