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Super Nanny Questions - gone 2 I can give credit to Super...

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Super Nanny Questions 1. Overall, I feel that Super Nanny would agree with all of my parenting techniques. Most of them are exactly what Super Nanny suggested for handling Andrew’s problems. Unfortunately, Andrew did not get grounded for a year when he attacked his girl friend. This any I would feel that that technique would be the least likely to be approved by Super Nanny. Some of my good techniques are not being allowed to play with friends, not allowed to play with toys and also not being able to leave the table until all food is
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Unformatted text preview: gone. 2. I can give credit to Super Nanny and also our units on learning for helping me learn more about being a good parent. After watching Super Nanny, I was able to see firsthand what bad parenting techniques were like. I was also able to write down some of my own techniques and compare them with those of a professional. In our units on learning I discovered ways to teach children how to behavior a certain way based off of stimuli and responses. This is called conditioning and I plan to use it often when I am older....
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