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The Geek Prologue Quiet down everyone I am about to begin I know you may be frightened by the appearance of my skin Unfortunately for me, my pimples had to stay All because I didn’t wash my face today I don’t have a name so call me the Geek Pardon my slight stutter when I attempt to speak As you already assumed, yes I am smart So I’m sure you are all waiting for my story to start However, this is just my prologue, Intro if you will So everyone reframe from talking and please sit still As much as I would like to change my genetics
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Unformatted text preview: Im afraid my life must go on avoiding all athletics Im pretty much your average geek and thats how it goes Whats not to notice: Red hair and weird clothes I have never kissed a girl in all of my life I guess there goes my dream of having a wife Wow, my twenty lines of writing room has really flew bye I guess Im going to have to give this story telling thing a try Please dont be quick to judge, for I will do my best Its the end of my prologue so here comes the rest...
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