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Works Cited Betts, Raymond. A History of Popular Culture. 1. Routledge, 2004. "Bill Clinton." Encyclopedia Britannica>Online. Britannica. 14 Apr 2008 <>. Carlisle, Rodney. Persian Gulf War . Boston: Facts on File, 2003. Fraunenfelder, Mark. The Computer: An Illustrated History . New York: Carlton Publishing Group, 2007. "George Bush." Encyclopedia Britannica>Online. Britannica. 4 Apr 2008
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Unformatted text preview: <>. Kallen, Stuart. "1990's." A Century in Review. 2005. Brias. 17 Apr 2008 <>. Schwartz, Richard. Eyewitness History Series . 1990's. Facts on File, 2006. Whitley, Peggy. "1990-1999." American Cultural History. 3/17/2008. Kingwood College Library. 12 Apr 2008 <>....
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