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Elvis Section 1 - Unit 1 Introduction Rags to riches story-...

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Unit 1 Introduction Rags to riches story- lived the American dream, came from poverty to becoming internationally known Admired by many but condemned by the press, and clergiest. Extremely smart (street smart), but only graduated high school Self-taught musician - no formal training - love for music Astonishing memory (Musical Mascularity) - melodies, lyrics, movie scripts Individuality and determination Stage presence - charisma Comebacks and longevity 49 albums at top 10 8 at #1 114 songs in the top 40 18 at #1 Most successful male solo vocalist in recording history John Lennon said, “without Elvis their would be nothing” Bully Holly said, “Elvis started it all for us” Elvis had times of failure and indisitions but picked himself up and kept going. Elvis music still sells Elvis concerts still tours without him he is featured on a screen while 60’s/70’s band play on stage People visit his birth place, hotels around Memphis Elvis Christmas music sells every year His music is remixed and put back on charts He was such a larger than life figure, that fans refuse to let him die He came at the right time to unleash the power and sentuality of rhythm and blues through a white artist synthesis And he had luck Childhood – First Recordings Elvis Presley - born. January 8th 1935, Tupelo, Mississippi o Twin brother is stillborn named Jessie 30 min older o Father: Vernon o Mother: Gladys Lived in a 2 bedroom shotgun house built by Vernon, on soteo road. Elvis says, “we were broke man, we were poor, things just had to be better” 1937 - father Vernon does jail time for forging a check from $3 to $8 Gladys kept steady work as a steamstress 1941- Vernon is released from serving 2 and a half years of 3 year sentence. Finds work on a tupoulo lumber yard, and than worked at a defense plant
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1942- Vernon unemployed 1943- Elvis enters 1 st grade Well mannered Church music as child Black & white Gospel (at first assembly of god church down next to his house) Becomes musically bi-racial During service he would run down the aisle to be near the quior 1945 – In 5 th grade, Elvis’s teacher has him sing in the high school cafeteria and chappel OCT 3 rd - enters talent show on children’s day at the missisipi Alabama fair and dairy show, (first public apperance at age of 10) Wore, cowboy suit, stood on a chair next to the mic Sang, “Old Shep” by Red Foley wins second prize in singing contest $5 prize, and gets to ride all the rides for free 1946 - gets first guitar age 11 Vernon’s brother Vestor, Elvis’s uncle gives him basic guitar lessons 1947- Elvis is in the 6 th grade Gets a bike And riffle (Elvis buys many weapons through out his life) 1948 - family moves to Memphis, b/c Vernon was moon shinning o gladys’s brother gets Vernon a job at precision tool company o They move into an apartment, in public housing
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Elvis Section 1 - Unit 1 Introduction Rags to riches story-...

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