Final Exam ch 9,10

Final Exam ch 9,10 - Chapter 9 Intelligence and...

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Chapter 9: Intelligence and Psychological Testing Key Terms Principal categories of psychological tests (pp. 356-357): * Personality Tests: measure various aspects of personality, including motives, interests, values and attitudes. *Mental Ability Tests 1.Intelligence Tests: measure general mental ability 2.Aptitude Tests: specific types of mental abilities 3.Achievement Tests: gauge a person’s mastery and knowledge of various subjects. Types of Validity (pp. 358-359): Validity refers to the ability of a test to measure what it was designed to measure 1. Content Validity: refers to the degree which the content of a test is representative of the domain it’s supposed to cover. 2. Criterion-Related Validity: estimated by correlating subject’s scores on a test with their scores on a n independent criterion (another measure) of the trait assessed by the test. 3. Construct Validity: the extent to which evidence shows that a test measures a particular hypothetical construct. (p. 368): different cultures have different conceptions of what intelligence is and value different mental skills. Cultural bias (p. 381): IQ tests are constructed by white, middle-class, psychologists, so they naturally draw on experience and knowledge typical of white, middle-class lifestyles and use language and vocabulary that reflect the white, middle-class origins of their developers. ): refers to subnormal general mental ability accompanied by a deficiencies in adaptive skills, originating before age 18. Intelligence quotient
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Final Exam ch 9,10 - Chapter 9 Intelligence and...

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