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Prison Populations - to stay in longer There is certain...

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Title 1 Prison Populations Check Point Prison Populations Mary Angel Axia College University of Phoenix .
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Title 2 The prison population system has been increased in number over the years. The system has also increased in number of new correctional institution. The state population increases a surprising growth. The growth inmates may be attributed to the efficiency to law enforcement, as well as the increase in more technological society. There is new inmates approximately 5,500 coming in the prison system everyday through the years of 1958-1964, which has exceeded to 5,800 inmates. The state has showed that the prison system has increased in six years but the offender has increased they also been put through the probation agencies. This way probation is greater but the probation can be used so that the incarceration can be used for more serious crimes. When the offender is less likely to get probation or parole, which is why the offender has
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Unformatted text preview: to stay in longer. There is certain type of offenders that will have to stay in prison longer and that is one of the reasons the prison system is increasing. There are even some smaller crimes that are being incarcerated and the prison system being increased. When the probation and parole started to spiral downhill that is another reason that the prison population is being increased. When you violate the probation or parole it is up to the court to either reinstate your send the offender to prison. If the court will decide to reinstate the offenders probation or parole that will help with the increasing of the population of prison. Also the use of tracking probation will help to reduce the population as well. Title 3 References Administrative and Professional Conflicts in Modern Corrections Takagi, Paul. Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology....
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