Lab_1 - Tim Nosal Experiment #1 Lab 308: Ren, He 3/9/2010...

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Tim Nosal Experiment #1 Lab 308: Ren, He 3/9/2010
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Objective The objective of this experiment is to allow us to become more comfortable with the lab equipment, like the function generator. We used this device to reinforce the concepts of RMS, AVERAGE, and PEAK quantities. We also gained a better understanding of simple resistor networks by using the protoboard to measure voltages and currents through certain resistors. This also allowed us to realize the basic concepts of the Thevenin Equivalent. Equipment Used - HP Function Generator - ProtoBoard - Oscilloscope - Multimeter - Ohmmeter - Various resistors Discussion on Theoretical Background There was much relevant information contained in the theoretical background section for this experiment. The first thing discussed was the difference between direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). Direct current has a constant current while alternating current has a current that varies with time, closely following a sinusoidal wave form. DC circuits have expressions for power when compared to AC. The equation for DC power is given: = = P VI I2 However, this is clearly different from the power exhibited in an AC current since power is given as: = = ( )/ P i2tR v2 t R It is important to note that in an AC circuit the currents and voltages are repetitive with increasing time. This is why AC currents and voltages are called periodic, and the shortest time duration over the course of one repetition is called a period. In AC circuits, current can be expressed as an average given over the duration of one
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Lab_1 - Tim Nosal Experiment #1 Lab 308: Ren, He 3/9/2010...

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