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Lecture 1 ECE 376 p 10 Know the SI prefixes milli, micro, nano, pico p 15 p = vi and the positive-passive sign convention PP 2.9 on p 20 p = vi = v^2/R > 0 for resistor-Ohm's law p 36 KCL: currents in add up to currents out PP 3.1 p 38 KVL: voltage increases add up to voltage drops, PP 3.3 Lecture 2 p 42 Single-loop circuit and KVL battery stacking technology p 45 Node-pair circuit and KCL and parallel current sources
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Unformatted text preview: Voltage sources and resistors in series, current sources and resistors in parallel Voltage divider Current divider Lecture 3 One-source vs multi-source circuit problems Node-voltage tutorial covering supernode Lecture 4 Supernode practice problem from Chapt 4 Superposition -- superposition applied to node-voltage example in Chapt 4 Source transformation...
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