08 - Physics 2213 Homework #8 Spring 2010 * Prelim Exam #2...

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Physics 2213 Homework #8 Spring 2010 *** Prelim Exam #2 is scheduled for 7:30-9 PM on Thursday evening, April 8. It will cover textbook Chapters #24 & 27-29 + sections 23.2 & 26.4; Homeworks #6-9; Lab Units #4-6 + Pre- Labs; and all relevant lecture questions, examples, theory, discussions, & demonstrations. As noted at lecture, the rough points breakdown for Prelim Exam #1 included: Lecture 73 points, HW 74 points, Lab 15 points. So you can expect similar coverage for this exam. GRAPHING and PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS may NOT be used at the exam. *** *** Persons with conflicts or special needs please contact Prof. Elser (ve10@cornell.edu) ASAP to make appropriate arrangements. *** Read: Chapter 28, intro., sections 28.2 thru 28.7 Basic Ideas: Magnetic Fields & Forces Biot-Savart Law & Vector Superposition Principle Various versions of the Right Hand Rule for Magnetic Field sources Magnetic Dipoles & the analogy between Magnets & Current Loops or Solenoids Math Skills: Vector Cross Product & 3-D Vector Geometry Path Integrals S y m m e t r y Learning Goals: (Be sure you understand where and how each goal in each assignment applies to our homework, discussion, lecture, and lab activities.) * Use the Biot-Savart Law and integration to determine magnetic fields from simple electric current distributions — straight lines or line segments, circular loops or arcs. * Use symmetry to deduce geometric properties of magnetic fields due to specific sources and sketch their magnetic field lines. * Use Ampere's Law to determine magnetic fields due to electric current systems of sufficiently high symmetry — long straight wires, solenoids, toroids, planar sheets. * Use the Principle of Superposition to determine the net magnetic field produced by c o m b i n a t i o n s o f m a g n e t i c f i e l d s o u r c e s . * Calculate magnetic field values from electric current values and vice-versa. * Translate an equation for a magnetic field as a function of position into a graph conceptually (without detailed calculations) in any dimension. * Determine magnetic forces between current-carrying wires and loops. * Use the various forms of the Right-Hand Rule to relate magnetic field, electric current directions, and magnetic forces.
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08 - Physics 2213 Homework #8 Spring 2010 * Prelim Exam #2...

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