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FinalWheresMicrobr - CHARACTERI STIC Gram Stain Oxygen...

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CHARACTERI STIC LITERATURE OBSERVED Gram Stain Gram Negative KOH: slimy, therefore Gram Negative Oxygen Demand Obligate Aerobe BCP: growth at top only, therefore obligate aerobe Carbon Source/Energy Non- Fermentative BCP: no yellow at all, therefore Non-Fermentative. Motility Non-Motile Non-Motile Shape Slender Curved Rod Rod Catalase Catalase Positive Catalase Positive Oxidase Oxidase Positive Oxidase Positive Sporation Non-sporating No Spores Rod
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INTERESTING FACT Chryseobacterium greenlandensis  is in the same genus as  Chryseobacterium indologenes . It is able to live for long periods of  time in habitats low-temperature, high-pressure, reduced-oxygen  and nutrient-poor habitats. It is known to have survived for more  than 120,000 years in an ice block in Greenland, at a depth of  3,000 meters (1.9 mi) . The conditions are extreme, with  temperatures below 16 degrees F (-9 degrees C), high pressure,  very little oxygen and meager food. It is hypothesized that 
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