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jazz history paper - Skiffle and the Beatles The influence...

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Skiffle and the Beatles The influence of the Beatles can be easily seen across ethnicities, cultures, countries and musical genres. Their contribution to the musical world and the world alone is matched only be Elvis and Michael Jackson. These opinions are widely accepted and agreed upon by most anyone who has paid attention to pop music in the last five decades. While The Beatles’ accomplishments and influence is inherent to the musical landscape of today, the vast musical genres and artists who conversely influenced the Beatles aren’t nearly as well publicized. One essential example of this is the little known genre of skiffle, a style of music that imitates the sounds implemented in the early stages of jazz. In the mid-1950’s the jazz style of “skiffle” took the European musical world by storm. Skiffle, as defined by Ian Carr, Digby Fairweather, and Brian Preistly in, Jazz: The Essential Companion , is “a name apparently used only a couple of times in the… history of jazz…. ‘skiffle group’ was adopted by Ken Colyer as the history of his band-within-a-band” Skiffle Jazz drew most of its influence from the early New Orleans jazz style. The style was mainly derived from the “recorded repertoire of Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter” (Carr). Skiffle incorporated the Jug Band arrangement and sound and served as a “bridge for British youth to cross over into rock and roll” (Carr), the Beatles possibly being the most notable of these youthful musicians. Skiffle became popular in England with the arrival of “Lonnie Donegan’s hit single “Rock Island Line”.”(O’Grady) The arrangement featured only “an acoustic guitar, a string bass and a washboard.” (O’Grady) This extremely simplistic, yet intricate single was “in the British Top Twenty for seventeen weeks and eventually sold nearly 2 million copies.” (Vulliamy) As sighted,
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jazz history paper - Skiffle and the Beatles The influence...

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