Nutrition Paper - Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis of my...

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Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis of my diet over the four days studied yielded somewhat surprising results. Firstly, I compared the AMDR’s for carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and alcohol. What I found was that although I was following the AMDR’s closer than I had imagined since I am a college student eating some fast food almost every day as my intake record shows. Pertaining to carbohydrates the AMDR is 45% to 65% of the diet; my intake was of the higher end of this recommendation coming in at 56%. This I believe is a success in my way of eating. The AMDR for proteins is 10% to 35%. This broad percentage range helped me in this category as I found myself only in taking 11% of my diet as under the protein category. The AMDR for fats is 20% to 35% and my intake was again within this range, coming in at a somewhat high 33%. The fact that my protein and carbohydrate intake was on the higher end and the protein on the lower end somewhat concerns me because although I would get more energy from these nutrients, protein is a big contributor to a multitude of different bodily functions making and a lack of this nutrient could cause me problems. Expanding upon the AMDR of my carbohydrate intake I found that I am meeting the recommended intake of at least 130 grams per day this was to be expected though
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Nutrition Paper - Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis of my...

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