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HSC 2000 – Template for Assigned Paper Spring 2010 Instructor: Christine Sapienza Assistant: Eric Jamoom As a student enrolled in HSC 2000 you must complete one writing assignment. You paper will be worth a total of 30 points and must describe a disease or condition of impairment. Your paper will contain the following components: Requirements: No longer than 5 pages and no shorter than 4 pages. Double spaced 11 point font - Arial Content must be fully referenced using APA version. You may visit a website to learn about APA and how to use the APA style. APA (American Psychological Association) is the most commonly used format to cite sources. Please use the 6th edition reference of the APA manual At least one book and 3 peer reviewed journal articles must be referenced in the body of
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Unformatted text preview: work. You are limited to referencing 2 websites. Upload as saved pdf file Due date: April 14, 2010 The content must contain the following: definition of the disease or condition and description of the signs and symptoms description of epidemiology (who has condition, is it specific to a particular sex, what age group, geographic distribution, race etc) description of the medical and/or clinical evaluation with emphasis on the specific contributions of all potential members of the evaluation team description of the treatments, including pharmacologic, behavioral and surgical again emphasizing the interdisciplinary treatment....
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