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Full-Sentence Outline 1. Agriculture is changing dramatically, especially since World War II. A. Changes have followed fewer farmers to exploit their surroundings for the resources to survive. 1. As agriculture becomes more intensive, farmers have become capable of producing higher yields using less labor and less land. 2. Environmental impacts have increased, including potential ruin of soil and water resources essential to farm productivity and human health. 3. Agriculture also leads to soil erosion, both through rainfall and wind, which leads to the loss of nutrients that result in productive farmland becoming barren. 2. How does farming damage and erode soil and what can be done to reduce this problem? A. Soil erosion from farmland pressurizes the production of agricultural fields and causes a number of problems in the environment. 1. The consequences for long-term crop yields have not yet been measured, because the amount of erosion varies from one field to another. 2. Erosion removes the surfaces soils, containing most of the matter, plant nutrients, and
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Full Sentence Outline - Full-Sentence Outline 1....

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