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ίʔωϧେֶ Spring, 2010 1 Japanese 1102 Course Syllabus http://lrc.cornell.edu/asian/courses/ja/japan101 Credits : 6.0 Schedule: Lecture (FACT) MW 0125-0215P @ MLT 253 Section Section 1 MTWRF 0905-0955 @ RCK 185 (ACT) Section 2 MTWRF 1010-1100 @ RCK 185 Section 3 MTWRF 1115A-1205P @ URH 254 Section 4 MTWRF 1220-0110 @ RCK 121 Section 5 MTWRF 0230-0320 @ RCK 121 *You MUST attend the section that you are officially registered for. Teaching Staff (Office hours: TBA) Lectures & Sections: Misako SUZUKI (Course coordinator) msuzuki@cornell.edu Office: Rockefeller Hall 377 / 254-6598 Sections: Misako TERASHIMA (-CHAPMAN) mc698@cornell.edu Office: Rockefeller Hall 389/ 255-7703 Naomi LARSON nn17@cornell.edu Office: Rockefeller Hall 385/ 255-0701 Saori NOZAKI (Teaching Associate) e-mail: TBA Office: Rockefeller Hall 344 / 255-8287 Course Objectives: This course builds upon the basis of Japanese 1101 and aims to develop the linguistic, communicative and cultural competence in order to interact with native speakers of Japanese in a culturally coherent and appropriate manner. While more emphasis is placed on the development of oral communication skills, students will also learn how to read and write simple and short compositions.
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ίʔωϧେֶ Spring, 2010 2 By the end of the semester, students should be able to: 1. produce the Japanese sound system accurately; 2. master basic vocabulary and grammar; 3. perform basic communicative acts such as talking about family, making introductions, exchanging business cards, making and receiving telephone calls, expressing your preference, ordering at a restaurant; 4. use appropriate speech-style, including direct-style speech; 5. read and comprehend simple texts written in hiragana, katakana and kanji 6. write short memos using hiragana , katakana and kanji Course Website: 1) Go to http://www.blackboard.cornell.edu 2) Find “Elementary Japanese II” in the Course Catalogue and register for the course. Texts and other materials: <Required> 1) We will continue to use the following materials from JAPN1101: a. Japanese: The Spoken Language (JSL) part I , Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda. Yale University Press, 1988 b. (Course Packet) JAPN1101 Written Language Part 1 (Yellow cover) c. (Course Packet) JAPN1101 Written Language Part 2: Workbook (Blue cover) 2) Additional materials that you need to purchase: d. Japanese: The Spoken Language (JSL) part 2 , Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda. Yale University Press, 1988 e. (Course Packet) JAPN1102 Written Language Part 2 f. (Course Packet) JAPN1102 Written Language Part 2-2: Workbook *d – f are available at Cornell Bookstore. 3) Other required materials: g. Web Audio Lab(WAL http://wal.lrc.cornell.edu/ - Japanese JSL 1 (for JSL Part 1) - JSL 2 J1101-1102 (for JSL Part 2) Available at Cornell Language Resource Center (LRC) for free, OR $50.00 for DVD material. You need to register for each program . h . Lecture handout and other materials downloaded from Blackboard JAPN1102 Course website.
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Japanese%201102%20Course%20SyllabusRevised - Spring, 2010...

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