Your little brother suppose you have one came and

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Unformatted text preview: いいえ、Book 2は_使っていません_____ __ 1 Cornell University JAPN1102 Spring 2010 Question Regarding 'sitte imasu'(知っています) 1) Give two honorific polite equivalents 2) Give negative equivalent of 'sitte imasu' Answer 1) go-zonzi desu (or, go-zonzi de irassyaimasu); ご存知です/ご存知でいらっしゃいます sitte irassyaimasu 知っていらっしゃいます 2) sirimasen 知りません Question You are watching your favorite show on TV. Your little brother (suppose you have one) came and changed the channel without asking you if that's ok. How do you say, "(Hey!) I was watching it!" in NATURAL Japanese (in a socially-appropriate manner/way)? HINT: You are EXPLAINING...
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