Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Human resource management The Human...

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Chapter 12 Human resource management The Human Resource Management Process High performance work practices – Work practices that lead to both high individual and high organizational performance Examples: - Self managed teams - Decentralized decision making - Training programs to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities - Flexible job assignments - Open communication - Performance-based compensation - Staffing based on person-job and person organization fit Human resource management process – Activities necessary for staffing the organization and sustain high employee performance Human resource planning → Recruitment or Decruitment → Selection → Identify and select competent employee’s → Orientation → Training → Provide employees with up to date skills and knowledge → Performance management Compensation and benefits → Career development → Retain competent and high performing employees * Everything flows through strategy Labor unions – An organization that represents workers and seeks to protect their interests through collective bargaining Affirmative action – Programs that enhance the organizational status of members of protected groups ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Human Resource Planning Human resource planning – Ensuring the organization has the right number and kinds of capable people in the right places and at the right time - Finding people with certain abilities Current Assessment - Managers begin HR planning by reviewing the organization’s current human resource status through human resource inventory - Another part is job analysis o An assessment that defines jobs and the behaviors necessary to perform them - From the job analysis, managers develop or revise job descriptions as job specifications o Job descriptions - A written statement that describes a job * Identifies person for training * What your suppose to do o Job specifications – A statement of the minimum qualifications that a person must posses to perform a given job successfully *If the person has the qualifications o do the job ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1/8
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Chapter 12 Human resource management Recruitment And Decruitment Recruitment – Locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants Decruitment – Reducing an organization’s workforce Source Advantages Disadvantages Internet Reaches large numbers of people; can get immediate feedback Generates many unqualified candidates Employee Referral ( * Most used by Employers ) Knowledge about the organization provided by current Employee; Can generate strong candidates because a good referral reflects on the recommender May not increase the diversity and the Mix of employees Company website Wide distribution; can be targeted to specific groups Generates many unqualified candidates
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Human resource management The Human...

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