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4/9/10 DISSERTATION DEVELOPMENT-DISSERTATION COURSE INFORMATION INSTRUCTOR : "Dr. Nick" Noviello GETTING IN TOUCH Please don’t email or call me at AIU — it’s just not efficient! Phone: Calling me at home is easiest. Please call with any questions about learning statistics! You can call collect ! But please call or leave a message only during the following days and times: (626) 825-7558 10 am - 8 pm Sat, Sun 6 pm - 10 pm Tues, Thu Calendar Site : http://plus.calendars.net/noviello Email: [email protected] Please put AIU-DS-FL at the start of the subject in uppercase! If the question is long, it may be easier to just call. Please label all files this way only! AIU-DS09-FL XXXXXX Where FL are your first and last initials, and XXXX is whatever you want to call the file! I get many files from many students each week! It’s so much easier if you’ll label them so they can get saved easily! Please don’t send multiple attachments. It’s always possible to combine MS Worddocuments into one file. Format: MS Word 2003 (Please help and convert to 2003 format –so helpful!) Always use page numbers Arial 12 or Times Roman 12 Font It’s assumed you’ll post your Research Outline, Dissertation Proposal, Human Subjects application and Dissertation on a site, for others in the class to see as examples. The site will not be accessible to anyone other than students and faculty. WEBSITES! On a site that will soon be available you can see advice, examples of proposals and human participants applications.
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DISSERTATION THE NEW (OPTIONAL) DISSERTATION FORMAT Publication Format (You should have a specific publication in mind, and know their policies. Brief Intro, ending with “Statement of Problem” Brief Methods 15-40 page (negotiable!) literature review appended. ETHICS, AND PRELIMINARY CONSIDERATIONS HUMAN SUBJECTS REQUIREMENTS Be very careful! Before obtaining HS approval Don’t even talk to anyone about possibly participating! Don’t even peek at any archival data! POPULATIONS (Two permissions needed) No Prisoners! DATA COLLECTION In person Online Archival FIRST STEPS: Identify possible areas of interest: Which variables , which population See what’s been done lately (Google Scholar, PsycInfo can be done from home!) Make sure that you’re not repeating a previous study exactly . Find scales that are most commonly used for your variables.
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