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1 CS635: Assignment #0 – Compiling Warm-up Out : January 19, 2010 Due : January 26, 2010, 2:59pm Objective The objective of this assignment is for you to download, compile, execute, and perform a trivial task so as to ensure you have a suitable working environment for the assignments and for the final project. Detailed Description Step 0 – Download and compile Please download from the course website the zip file “”. It contains a Microsoft Visual Studio 8 (or newer) version of a program to load 3D models, manipulate them in 3D, and to record/play simple paths around/through the model. The file “” contains a few example models in a simple text format called “.sim”. You should be able to easily unzip the file, rebuild-all, and then run the program. To test it, load one of the example models (e.g., amr.sim) and then manipulate it using the mouse. More instructions on the program itself are given in class and accessible by pressing “h” in the main window. I am providing this application to you so that you have an immediate starting point of a program in
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