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Math115 Discussion Questions - Math115 Discussion Questions...

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Math115 Discussion Questions Week 1 DQ 1 My opinion is that if you're good at math you'll like it. So, liking depends more on abilities with some exceptions of course. Also we were taught math would be one of the subjects a person benefits the most in his life. And that's the truth happening with me at least. Even though I'm not working in a math required environment, it still remains the most important experience within all other subjects I studied in high school. My point is math as a subject being socially acceptable to like or not to could be a wrong perspective. That's why students are often left with a bad taste for math. Instead, seeing math as a necessity or something you really need to learn eliminates the liking/not liking options, but just seeing math as a degree that everybody needs to have it. For those who don't like math. .. math is everything. It is good for the brain. It is one of the few things a person can actually rely on. It is pure logic, and it is beauty distilled. Why not to love? With this being said, I still have fears regarding math: I'm worrying of not being able to get everything right because I know math is always just one right answer and if you don't find it, you fail. That makes me crazy sometimes. A good coping mechanism would be repetition, repeating problems before and during other types of problems are presented. DQ 2 I don’t believe calculators have eliminated the need to learn the skills required performing mathematical operations but instead it made it easier especially for student to do math. We still need to learn how to add, divide, subtract and multiply without using calculators if a person is in their grade school which I think is the only key essential with math. If a person knows how to do this then a calculator should be fine to use. In addition, the country is being run by computer gadgets and so having a calculator is just like making our lives a lot easier. For example, when I used to work at a retail store when I was a kid and someone would asked me what the price of a shirt would be when it is being reduced to thirty percent off I could tell the customer the price without using a calculator but if it’s going to be a busy day and there would be a lot of people asking me the question then I would just usually pull out a calculator so that I won’t waste time and I can accommodate more customer. Another point is calculators help students at all levels learn more complicated material. If young children start using them, they will easily and effectively use them later when they will need to focus on developing their understanding of algebra and other advanced mathematics. These are the reason why I think calculators doesn’t eliminate the need for us to learn but instead it helps us with our everyday lives. I believe that some people resort to using calculators because it is easier – not because they do
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Math115 Discussion Questions - Math115 Discussion Questions...

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