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Climate Review - Review of climate types and biomes...

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Unformatted text preview: Review of climate types and biomes …..quick reminder list 1. Tropical Rain forest (Af): Broadleaf, evergreen forest 2. Tropical Monsoon (Am): Broadleaf, mostly evergreen forest (few more deciduous trees) 3. Tropical Savanna (Aw): grassland savanna 4. Desert (BW): scrub and succulents 5. Steppe (BS): short grass 6. Humid Subtropical (Cf): all forested with mid-lat mixed, deciduous, or needleleaf 7. Marine West Coast (Cf-mild summer): big trees, coniferous, or mixed (sometimes temperate rain forest) 8. Mediterranean (Cs-summer dry): Chaparral 9. Humid Continental (D): Mixed Forest 10. Subarctic (D): Boreal (conifer) forest 11. Polar (E): Tundra and Ice Caps 12. Highland (H) Caveat for this review: Caveat for this review: The following maps and climographs are EXAMPLES only, NOT the ones on the exam! Exam map will have latitude shown. This map does NOT (sorry) Things to think about when looking at climographs What do the temperature patterns say about latitude? Subtropical How would you characterize the precipitation patterns and seasonality? Dry summer What are the controls? Summer-STH Winter-Frontal precip What climate type? Mediterranean Mediterranean A F B C G E H D I Where would you most likely find Mediterranean climate? B. San Francisco This bar typo Try to answer these before clicking.. Temperature patterns and latitude? Precipitation patterns and seasonality? Climate type? Tropical Monsoon Tropical Controls of precip? Onshore/offshore A F B C G E H D J Where would you most likely find Tropical Monsoon? J. Myanmar Temperature patterns and latitude? Precipitation patterns and seasonality? Climate type? Humid Continental (D) Humid Continental (D) Humid A F B D C J G E H Where would you most likely find Humid Continental? D. New York City and F. Moscow (the climograph was Moscow) What kind of climate does this look like? this At what At latitude, high, mid-, low? mid-, A F B E G D J H Which site best represents a “hot” desert? H. Alice Springs, Australia Temperature patterns and latitude? Precipitation patterns and seasonality? Climate type? Cause of dry season? Tropical Savanna Tropical Savanna STH A F B D J G E L H Where might you find Tropical Savanna? L. Zambia, Africa (note: previous climograph is actually from Yucatan Mexico) What climate type? Tundra Tundra – most months below freezing - won’t make you compare to subarctic which is close but not quite so cold F° A F B C G E D K J S H Where might we find tundra? A. Barrow, Alaska and S. Northern Russia S. (climograph was Barrow) Hdasdfja;sldfjla;sd Humidasdlfjsad C Humid Subtropical Describe Humid Humid Subtropical Describe temp and precip pattern? What climate type? A F B C G E H D K J Where might we find Humid Subtropical? K. Atlanta, Georgia (33°N) Good location (some have multiple sites) for 1. temperate rain forest? 2. tropical rain forest? 3. Cool coastal desert? forest? 1. B; 2. H, Q, N; 3. K A B C D G E F L M Q H K J R N O Q P Approx 0° 4. G, J, O; 5. P; 6. D Good location(s) for 4. Tropical savanna? 5. Boreal forest?…..6. mid-latitude steppe? Latitude markings on exam map will be better than this one. What biome? Could you put it on the map? Arctic tundra, Alaska Coniferous forest, Marine West Coast: great big trees and temperate rain forest in some places. British Columbia, Canada Chaparral, Mediterranean climate, California Shrub dominated vegetation, Born to “_____” Tropical Rain Forest, Peruvian Amazon Sonora Desert, Arizona Do deserts burn? Good luck on the Exam! Chaparral after a burn, CA ...
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