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Practice Exam Questions for Chapter 7 1. Tourism distribution channels are similar to other basic industries as: a. their products flow to the consumer from the wholesaler. b. the products can be held in storage until a sale is made. c. the consumer can buy the product cheaper from the supplier. d. most supplier’s ads tell the buyer to go directly to them. e. none of the above. 2. A current travel agencies trend is: 3. The main concept in incentive travel is that:
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Unformatted text preview: a. a travel award is given for achieving some company goal. b. it rewards the sponsor’s leaders by their suppliers. c. it is a powerful motivator for increased employee performance. d. a and c. e. all of the above. 4. A cruise line sales executive would probably use mainly: (distributors) a. incentive travel companies. b. large companies which specialize in group tours and cruises. c. retail travel agencies. d. specialty channelers. e. corporate travel department....
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