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Practice Exam Questions for Chapter 8 1. The theme park business enjoyed spectacular growth after the building of: a. Disney World. b. Universal Studios, Anaheim. c. Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park. d. Busch Gardens, Tampa. e. Disneyland, Anaheim. 2. Theme parks are concentrated in several city areas, the most in: a. Buena Vista, CA. b. Nashville, TN. c. Orlando, FL. d. Anaheim, CA. e. San Diego, CA. 3. The most recent trend in the gambling industry is: a. growth of gambling resorts in New Jersey.
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Unformatted text preview: b. expansion of resort hotels in Nevada. c. growth of gambling casinos owned by Native Americans. d. introduction of gambling on cruise ships. e. new casinos in the southern states. 4. According to a TIA report on historic travel, over _________ percent of adults reported visits to historic places in 2002. a. 81 percent. b. 74 percent. c. 69 percent. d. 52 percent. e. 46 percent....
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