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Unformatted text preview: AREA 51 Sk ateboar ds A REA Student Name Axia College INB_205 International Business International International business (IB) is domestic operations within a foreign country. IB seeks market opportunities; Sources for raw materials, products, Sources innovation, and financing; innovation, Allows access to an entirely new job market. Foreign Investments Foreign Businesses Structures/Buildings Equipment International Investments International Considerations: Competition Personnel Pool Rate of Exchange Production Costs Recommendation Recommendation Billabong International Limited Add a clothing line Exchange rate (, 2009 & 2010 2009 USD AUS 1.00 1.17673 2010 1.00 1.12693 References References Ball, D.A., McCulloch, W.H., Frantz, P.L., Geringer, J.M., Ball, & Minor, M.S. (2006). International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition. (10th ed.). New York: Challenge McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill (2009, 2010). Retrieved on February 1, 2010, from 2010, ...
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