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Unformatted text preview: South Korean South Socio-cultural Report Student Name Axia College Facts Facts Capital: Seoul Climate: Temperate; Heavy Summer Rainfall Ethnic Makeup: Homogenous Religion: Christian or Buddhist Language: Korean Population, as of October 2009: Approximately Population, 48,606,787 Society and Culture Society The Kibun Concept Confucianism Ancestors Family Values Proper Etiquette The Kibun in Business The Kibun Business Respect Criticism (Blair Mathis, 2008) Family, Ancestors, Customs Family, Respect for elders and other family members Revere their ancestors Adhere to their customs Use good judgment and proper etiquette when Use gift giving, dining, participating in a meeting gift Business Etiquette and Proper Attire Business Appointments First Meeting Be Prepared Wear Appropriate Clothing References References Mathis, B. (2008). Backpacking Korea: Mathis, Understanding Kibun. Retrieved February 16, 2010, from e/809667/backpacking_korea_understa nding_kibun.html?cat=16 nding_kibun.html?cat=16 ...
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