Dr.of Engineering SW Engineering classes

Dr.of Engineering SW Engineering classes - Doctor of...

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Doctor of Engineering with a Major in Software Engineering (DE/SE) Introduction Software engineering covers both technical and management issues related to the planning, development, marketing, and evolution of large software systems used in society today, covering techniques, models, and processes from the initial market analysis and product planning, through product requirements gathering, system architecture and product design, product implementation, verification and validation, product release, and all the way to post-release product support, maintenance, and evolution. Issues related to software products and systems specific to different problem domains, such as software used in information processing, aerospace, telecommunications, financial services, etc., are also the subjects of study of software engineering. The Doctor of Engineering, major in Software Engineering, (DE/SE) program is motivated by the need for technical leaders who have both a solid foundation in software engineering as well as breadth across a range engineering disciplines. It aims to simultaneously achieve the following educational goals: 1. Provide a solid foundation and depth in software engineering practice . 2. Provide breadth across engineering disciplines . 3. Provide a significant and industrially-relevant engineering innovative experience through the DE/SE praxis. The majority of the DE/SE students are expected to be full time working professionals. Additional financial aid for full-time graduate students is available through research or teaching assistantships. Admission Requirements Applicants must meet the following requirements: 1. A Master’s degree in software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, engineering management, or a related discipline. 2. Submission of official GRE test results. 3. Submission of official scores of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if English is not the native language. 4.
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Dr.of Engineering SW Engineering classes - Doctor of...

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