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Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto Problem Set #12 MAT 137Y, 2008-09 Winter Session Deadline: Thursday April 2, 6:10 p.m. Assignment Posted/Revised: March 25, 2009, 18:20 As a reminder, the following rules will be strictly enforced. 1. The front page must include your name, student number, your tutorial code (e.g. M3A) and the name of your teaching assistant. Failure to put your name and/or your student number will result in a zero in your assignment. Failure to put your tutorial code and the name of your tutor will result in a 20% reduction of your assignment mark. A cover page is not required as long as the necessary information is on the top of the first page. 2. Assignments must be submitted on letter-sized (8.5 × 11 inch) paper. Using ripped notebook paper is unac- ceptable and will result in a zero in your assignment mark. Assignments that are more than one page in length must be stapled in the top left corner. Failure to staple such assignments will result in a 20% reduction of your
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