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4 th Lecture Questions – NBA 5450 1. How did hedge funds generally perform in Sept/Oct, 2008? 2. Why are platform sales complimentary to single strategy sales and FoHF sales? 3. Describe the break down of hedge fund flows in today’s environment. 4. What is the major difference between a separate account platform and an omnibus fund investment platform? 5. Describe what types of hedge fund investments institutional investors are generally making these days. 6. Name three publicly traded hedge fund groups.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Name three large FoHF groups….and who owns them. 8. Describe the interesting conundrum faced by fund managers over the issue of fund capacity. 9. Where are most hedge fund fees today? Where are they trending? 10. Where are most FoHF fees today? Where are they trending? 11. Where are hedge fund redemption terms mostly today? Where are they trending? 12. Explain how a high water mark works. 13....
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