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Investors Probe Survivability of Hedge Funds Article published on November 3, 2008 By Paul O'Dowd Hedge funds of funds and hedge fund advisors are scrutinizing hedge fund shops closer than they have in a long time. The issue of “survivability” is front and center as hedge managers struggle with market volatility and redemption requests and predictions mount of multiple casualties. The biggest factor that funds of funds and financial advisors are looking at is the “survivability” of hedge funds in this market environment. The amount of research that goes into testing “survivability” is intense as a number of factors have to be looked at, some that are difficult to uncover. Among the main items firms are looking into are retention of key hedge fund talent, style drift, concentration of investments and how key firm members feel psychologically about their firm’s outlook. While due-diligence has always played a large role, key members of the industry explain that certain areas now carry more weight than they have in the past. In-person meetings between hedge shops and potential investors and advisors are on the rise. The question is how many hedge funds are going to be viable going forward, says Catherine Cripps
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Investors_Probe_Survivability_of_Hedge_Funds - Investors...

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