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IME 415 SAMPLE QUIZ #5 Name:__________________ 30 Points Open Handout and Formula Sheets Three similar parts are produced in runs that vary from 20 to 80 parts each on a CNC lathe. The parts are manufactured out of the same material. Management desires to use SPC to track the process of turning the outside diameters of the parts and monitor the process for statistical control. The O.D.s are generated by the same tool on the same machine. The following table is a summary of information available for the O.D.'s of three parts and recent summary data for samples (n=6) taken from the process: Part Engineering Specifications Historical average (n=6) Historical sample ranges (n=6) Target value Cp Cpk A 1.500 ± 0.010 in. 1.503 .006 1.503 1.29 0.90 B 1.750 ± 0.015 in. 1.755 .006 1.750 1.94 1.29 C 2.000 ± 0.020 in.
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Unformatted text preview: 1.995 .006 2.005 2.33 2.58 As the quality engineer for the company you are required to help set up the SPC charts to be used. Answer the questions below: 1. Using deviation from nominal for centering, give the formulas and values for the control limits and centerline for the following charts. Give the formula only that you would use for the plot points for the each chart. (20 points): Centerline UCL LCL Plot Point Formula Nom-i-nal x (a.k.a. DNOM chart) Nom-i-nal R (a.k.a. DNOM chart) Standardized x Standardized R 2. Under what circumstances is it appropriate to use CUSUM or EWMA charts? (5 points) 3. Would you recommend using any of the charts mentioned in question 3 with parts A, B, or C above? Defend your answer.(5 points)...
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ime415_quiz5_sample - 1.995 .006 2.005 2.33 2.58 As the...

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