CHEM20ASG2-2 - 3(g b CF 4(g c H 2 S(g d CH 4(g e H2O 2(l f...

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NAME ________________________ CHEMISTRY 20 ASSIGNMENT 2-2 TOPIC(S) COVERED: Text (14-30) TOTAL MARKS: 13 DIRECTIONS: Answer all questions on this page. 1. Draw Lewis structures for each of the following. a. NH
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Unformatted text preview: 3(g) b. CF 4(g) c. H 2 S (g) d. CH 4(g) e. H2O 2(l) f. C 2 H 2(g) g. C 2 H 4(g) h. HOCl (g) i. NH 2 CH 2 COOH(s) j. CH 3 OCH 3 (s) k. CH 3 COOH(ℓ) l. CF 3 CHF 2 (g) m. (NH 2 ) 2 CO(s) 1...
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