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NAME __________ KEY _____________ CHEMISTRY 20 ASSIGNMENT 2-3 TOPIC(S) COVERED: Text (31- 42) TOTAL MARKS: 36 DIRECTIONS: Read pages 31 to 42 in the text and answer the following questions on this paper. You must use only the information in the text to answer all questions. Complete sentences are not required. 1. A structural formula shows every individual atom in the molecule and shows the bonds between atoms. (1 mark) 2. A structural formula uses a line to represent a bond, or pair of shared electrons, but it does not show the lone pairs. (1 mark) 3. Two lines represent a double bond and three lines represent a triple bond. (1 mark) 4. Draw a structural formula for each of the following. (3 marks) 5. In metallic bonding, all the atoms share all the valence electrons. The valence electrons are delocalized , so they are free to move from one atom to the next. (1 mark) 6. The electronegativity ( EN ) of an element is the relative measure of the ability of that element’s atoms to attract the shared electrons in a chemical bond. (1 mark) 7. Higher electronegativities indicate a greater attraction for the electrons. (1 mark)
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