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NAME __________ KEY ______________ CHEMISTRY 20 ASSIGNMENT 2-6 TOPIC(S) COVERED: Text (46-61) TOTAL MARKS: 39 DIRECTIONS: Read pages 46 to 61 in the text and answer the following questions on this paper. You must use only the information in the text to answer all questions. Complete sentences are not required. 1. In a real crystal of solid sodium chloride with a mass of approximately 1 mg, however, there are approximately 1 × 10 21 sodium ions and the same number of chloride ions. (1 mark) 2. Because an attractive force exists between positive and negative charges, the ions pack together very tightly . (1 mark) 3. This three-dimensional pattern of alternating positive and negative ions is called a crystal lattice. (1 mark) 4. The smallest ratio of ions in a crystal such as NaCl(s) is called a formula unit and not a molecule. (1 mark) 5. The shape of macroscopic crystals is influenced by the way the individual ions pack together. (1 mark) 6. The relative sizes and the charges of the ions also affect the pattern of the packing. (1 mark) 7. The smallest set of ions in a crystal for which the pattern is repeated over and over is called the unit cell. (1 mark) 8. When a sodium atom becomes ionized, it loses the only electron that occupied the
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