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Silk Road forum

Silk Road forum - Comment on one or two features of the...

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Comment on one or two features of the Natural History Museum’s Silk Road exhibit. What did you learn that surprised you? (And, as always, try not to repeat the same point as your classmates: if you agree, add something to the point by developing it in some way). Note: to get full points for participation for this forum, you need to bring your “passport” with you to class, so be sure to hang on to it! The Silk Road, which was a prosperous and complex set of trade routes that extended from Asia to parts of Europe, was well-known for its spices and silk. Often time’s merchants would barter services that were available in their cities for those uncommon and harder to find in their cities. Some distinct features of the exhibit in the Natural History Museums Silk Road, were the exotic and beautiful glassware and the diverse spices and foods along the way. As I learned the glassware we associate with the Chinese were prepared in a particular way that could be framed with the breath of air. It
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