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1 Society requires that businesses act in ethically responsible ways. True False correct: true 2 The reason that classical economists argue against corporate social responsibility is because they see management's responsibility as maximizing profits for the owners of the company. True False correct: true 3 It is not difficult for managers with a short-range outlook to fully appreciate that their rights and roles in the economic system are determined by society. True False correct: false 4 The social responsiveness dimension of the corporate social performance model can be viewed as the activity phase of management's response in the social sphere. True False correct: true 5 The corporate social performance model indicates that social responsibility is not connected to corporate financial performance. True False correct: false 6 The socially conscious investing movement: a. uses the Council on Economic Priorities' criteria for determining if a company is ethical or not. b. uses social or ethical criteria, as well as financial criteria, to make investment decisions. c. is declining in the 21st century.
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ethics_quiz_ch2 - CH2 Corporate Citizenship Social...

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