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CH3 The Stakeholder Approach to Business, Society, and Ethics 1 The stakeholder view of the firm includes only: a. suppliers and customers. b. suppliers, customers, employees, and owners. c. stockholders. d. all individuals and groups who are affected by, or can affect the company. correct: d 2 The multifiduciary view of stakeholders: a. views stakeholders as entities who have economic or legal power. b. holds that managers have the same types of duties to stakeholders and owners. c. views stakeholders as groups to be managed for the financial benefit of the company. d. views external stakeholders as obstacles to the financial goals of the firm. correct: b 3 Which of the following is not one of the five major questions that capture the essential information needed for stakeholder management?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Who are our stakeholders? b. What are our stakeholders' stakes? c. What opportunities and challenges do the stakeholders present to the firm? d. What responsibilities do the stakeholders have to the firm? correct: d 4 Core stakeholders are: a. vital to the organization and the particular set of threats and opportunities the firm faces. b. all stakeholders that are important to the firm's future. c. the same as primary social stakeholders. d. essential for the survival of the organization. correct: d 5 The most basic level of stakeholder management capability, which entails identifying stakeholders groups and their respective stakes, is known as: a. the process level. b. the transactional level. c. the identity level. d. the rational level. correct: d 1/1...
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