CH4exam - CH4 1 The philosophy of entitlement is the belief...

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CH4 1. The philosophy of entitlement is the belief that: a. children in need must receive social benefits. b. ecological problems are more important than economic problems. c. company owners are entitled to preference over other stakeholders. d. a person is owed something simply because he or she is a member of society. correct answer: d 2. The most practical reason for businesses to be socially responsible is: a. to increase financial returns to the business. b. to improve the image of corporations. c. to ward off government intervention. d. that it is easier than fighting society's demand for ethical business practices. correct answer: c 3. The most basic level of stakeholder management capability, which entails identifying stakeholders groups and their respective stakes, is known as: a. the process level. b. the transactional level. c. the identity level. d. the rational level. correct answer: d 4. The stakeholder view of the firm includes only: a. suppliers and customers. b. suppliers, customers, employees, and owners. c. stockholders. d. all individuals and groups who are affected by, or can affect the company. correct answer: d 5. A structural element existing in large corporations that contributes to the corporate governance problem is: a. golden parachutes. b. poison pills. c. the separation of ownership from control. d. greenmail. correct answer: c 1/6
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CH4 6. The public affairs function that we know today: a. is outdated. b. is rooted in the social activism of the 1960s and 1970s. c. is a result of the growth of corporations after World War II. d. was first suggested by consumer advocates. correct answer: b 7. The issue development life cycle occurs in which of the following patterns? a. Leading political jurisdictions, media coverage, felt need, regulation/litigation. b. Regulation/litigation, felt need, media coverage, leading political jurisdictions.
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CH4exam - CH4 1 The philosophy of entitlement is the belief...

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