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CH4 1 In order to understand corporate governance, it is important to understand the idea of: a. social responsibility. b. legitimacy. c. stakeholders. d. auditors. correct: b 2 A structural element existing in large corporations that contributes to the corporate governance problem is: a. golden parachutes. b. poison pills. c. the separation of ownership from control. d. greenmail. correct: c 3 Studies of executive compensation show that: a. executives' pay packages are closely related to the firm's financial performance. b. executives' pay packages are inversely related to the firm's financial performance. c. executives' pay packages often go up even if the firm's financial performance falls.
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Unformatted text preview: d. executives' pay packages have remained level for the past decade. correct: c 4 In addition to having an independent board of directors, firms should also: a. increase the number of directors. b. hire celebrity directors to assure the legitimacy of the firm. c. increase the diversity on the board. d. appoint union members to the board. correct: c 5 Which of the following has not been a recent major shareholder initiative? a. The rise of shareholder activist groups b. Public shareholder meetings c. Shareholder resolutions d. Shareholder lawsuits correct: b 1/1...
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