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BIO 201: Quiz 2, Spring 2009 Name: Lapseritis 1. List the four principle elements that comprise approximately 96% of a living cell’s mass. Include the full chemical name of each element, as well as its one or two letter code, atomic number, atomic weight, and its reactivity in terms of the number of covalent bonds it can easily form. 2. Diagram the following chemical groups: a. hydroxyl b. carbonyl c. carboxyl d. amine or amino e. phosphoryl 3. Name five activated carrier molecules and their “partner” molecules, and
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Unformatted text preview: identify the group involved in the high-energy linkage. 4. Briefly describe the chemical construction of a eukaryotic cell membrane. Provide a diagram if you’d like. 5. Make a short chart to compare the three essential macromolecules that form the cytoskeleton: intermediate filaments, microtubules, and actin. Remember that quizzes are SHORT assignments (15-20 minutes), so keep your answers consistent with that goal. Be brief and accurate – concise and succinct !...
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