stats 1 -test 1 review

stats 1 -test 1 review - Math 330 Statistics I Test #1...

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Test #1 Review I. Descriptive statistics Graphical: Histogram Numerical: Mean, Variance, Standard deviation Range (Ex. 1.17) Empirical rule II. Probability Probability models - discrete case Experiments Sample space - outcomes Probability function - axioms Counting methods Product rule Permutations Combinations, binomial coefficients Conditional probability Independent events Laws of probability Multiplication law Additive law Law of total probability Bayes’ law Simple Random Samples III. Discrete Random Variables Probability distribution Expected value and Variance Theorems on expected value of functions of a random variable Special distributions Binomial Geometric Negative binomial Hypergeometric Poisson Moment generating functions Tchebysheff’s Theorem IV. Statistical methods Statistically significant results (Example 3.8, p.105) Method of maximum likelihood (Example 3.10, p.109) V. Miscellaneous topics Capture-recapture method (hypergeometric distribution, Exercise 3.120, p.130)
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stats 1 -test 1 review - Math 330 Statistics I Test #1...

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