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problem_set_vi - 2 O c HCO 3-d CH 3 NHCH 3 e(HO 3 PO f HF 4...

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CHEM 302 Organic Chemistry I Problem Set VI Chapter 6 Introduction: The usual. Work on these on your own. Answers in about one week. A pretty easy one as things go. 1) Provide proper IUPAC names for the following compounds: a) OH b) N CH 3 c) O OH d) N 2) Draw structures for the following compounds: a) trans -3-phenylcyclohexylamine b) N -benzyl- N -methylpropynylamine 3) Give the conjugates bases of each of the following molecules: a) CH 3 COOH b) D
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Unformatted text preview: 2 O c) HCO 3-d) CH 3 NHCH 3 e) (HO) 3 PO f) HF 4) The two sp 3-hybridized, pyramidal amines shown below are nonsuperimposable mirror images, yet an “optically active” ethylmethylamine does not exist. Explain. N H CH 3 CH 2 H 3 C N H CH 2 CH 3 CH 3 5) The most stable chair conformation of cisw-1,3-cyclohexanediol has both hydroxyl groups in axial positions. Explain why this is the case. HO HO HO OH more stable than...
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