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EE444 Term Project Guidelines (Spring 2009) Phase 2: Due Date: May 29 th , 2009 You are required to construct the network topology with the link capacities and delays given on the diagram. Network Setup: (Applies to all experiments below) A user from 19 Mayıs University (19Mayıs) attends an online video lecture broadcast from Boğaziçi University (BU) and a user from Ege University (Ege) downloads a file from METU. Meanwhile, a user from Yüzüncüyıl University (Yüzüncüyıl) listens to Radyo METU. Students in Çukurova University (Çukurova) download large number of papers from Akdeniz University (Akdeniz). The server in BU transmits with 1 Mbps. Radyo METU server in METU transmits with a rate of 512 Kbps. All communications start concurrently, however, file download from METU to Ege lasts 2 minutes. The entire simulation lasts for 5 minutes. Packet sizes used for multimedia streaming are 500Bytes. The routing of the data packets in this network is achieved through Dijikstra's shortest path algorithm. Experiment 1:
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EE444ProjectPart2 - EE444 Term Project Guidelines (Spring...

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