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EE444HW2 - transmission capacity shares to these stations...

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EE 444 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER NETWORKS Spring 2009 HOMEWORK #2 Deadline: March 27 2009 @ 23:59 (No late submission is allowed.) Posted on March 20 2009. Question # 1 Is it possible to apply Little’s Law in a finite buffer M/M/1/m queue? If it is possible, then apply Little’s Law to find the average time that a packet spends in an M/M/1/m queue in terms of arrival rate λ , departure rate μ and m? If it is not possible, explain why. Question # 2 5 stations are sharing a 10 Kbits/s communication channel. The stations are generating Poisson traffic and the packet sizes are distributed exponentially with an average of 100 bits. Stations generate packets with rates 0.5 pacs/s, 0.2 pacs/s, 1 pacs/s, 1 pacs/s and 1.5 pacs/s respectively. Find the average time an arriving packet spends in this system for following two cases: a) The channel is statistically multiplexed among the stations b) The channel is time division multiplexed among stations and the network administrator assigns link
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Unformatted text preview: transmission capacity shares to these stations as follows: Station 1: 10%, Station 2: 10%, Station 3: 20%, Station 4: 30%, Station 5: 30% Question # 3 Consider three stations A, B and C communicating over a slotted-ALOHA network with a total capacity of 1Mbits/s. All of the stations send frames (new frames and retransmitted frames) to the network according to Poisson distribution with the following rates: Station A: 0.7 frames/frame time, Station B: 1.6 frames/frame time, Station C: 1.2 frames/frame time Assume that the average frame length is 1000 bits and the MAC layer header is negligible. (a) What is the probability of collision in this network? (b) Assume that station B wants to send a 10Kbit jpeg picture to station A. What is the time required to complete this transmission?...
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